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Sacred Valley Full Day Tour

Sacred Valley Full Day Tour

1 Day from $ USD 100.00

Sacred Valley Full Day Tour

Sacred Valley Tour

43 Reviews | Min Altitude: 2200msnm (3545 fasl) | Max Altitude: 2200msnm (3545 fasl) | 5 Days from $ 1 900.00
Price From
$ USD 100.00
1 Day
Group Size
Min 2 / Max 10
Physical Level
No Include


Our Sacred Valley Full Day Tour is known as the garden of the Incas, where you will discover beautiful nature, picturesque landscapes and great archaeological sites from the time of the Incas.

Cusco is the gateway to the Sacred Valley, as well as the cultural center of the region.

During the Sacred Valley Tour from Cusco, we will explore the natural area and learn about the history of the Incas while being guided by your friendly local guides. In addition, you will create the best souvenirs and observe the best textiles in the Pisac market. You will also experience a demonstration of how the textiles of this area are dyed and woven by hand.

Trip Details

Details Sacred Valley Full Day Tour

  • Type of Tourism: Cultural and Historical.
  • Lodging: Hotel is not included in Cusco or in the Sacred Valley.
  • Duration: Full day (11 hours approximately).
  • Type of service: Service for small groups. Maximum 17 people per group (Private service available).
  • Time of year: Daily departures throughout the year. April to December is the best season. January to March are rainy season months.


Our Sacred Valley Full Day Tour includes a visit to Pisac market, a guided tour of Ollantaytambo fortress, and a traditional lunch in Urubamba. You’ll also get to see stunning Andean landscapes and learn about the rich history and culture of the Incas. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience! #SacredValleyTour #PeruTravel #FullDayTour


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VIP Sacred Valley Itinerary

Pick up at your hotel at 06:30. At 7:00 am.

We drive 40 minutes north. Our first visit will be to the archaeological center of Chinchero, a city that still preserves the original Inca cemetery and is located in a very important agricultural area.

The Churches in the Sacred Valley are colonial and are built on the basis of the Inca temples. The artisans offer fabrics made with ancestral local techniques.

We continue our journey to the Inca de Moray Agricultural Experimental Center, a circular system of built terraces, microclimatic terraces for experimental purposes such as domestication, acclimatization, hybridization and general experimentation with plants.

Then we will visit the Salineras de Maras, explored since pre-Inca times. It is located at more than 3,000 shallow pools owned by almost 380 families.

The salt water comes from natural springs on the same hill called Qoripukiu (gold spring) after enjoying a buffet lunch of products from the Sacred Valley in Urubamba.

Then we go to the Archaeological Center of Ollantaytambo, which was an administrative, military, religious, social and economic center during the Inca times and which is also the starting point to reach the citadel of Machu Picchu.

In Ollantaytambo we visit the most important stone constructions, such as the large stone terraces, the Temple of the Sun and the fountain of the Baños de la Princesa.

Then we go to the archaeological center of Pisaq. Their lands were exploited through intelligent platform systems with their respective irrigation channels that allowed the almost exclusive cultivation of the best corn in the world.

At the end of the tour we will return to the city of Cusco and arrive in Cusco around 7:00 pm.

tour details

  • TOUR TYPE: History and Adventure.
  • TOUR DURATION: 01 day
  • AVAILABILITY: All year.
  • MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 4,200 m.
  • Price: $65 per person
Physical Level

1, Easy

What to Bring

  • Original student card (ISIC card).
  • Jacket
  • camera
  • rain poncho
  • sunscreen
  • Money for lunch, groceries, gifts.

Pricing List

What to Bring

  • Original student card (ISIC card).
  • Jacket
  • camera
  • rain poncho
  • sunscreen
  • Money for lunch, groceries, gifts.

Travel Guide

Hidden below the tawny slopes of the majestic foothills is the beautiful valley of the Urubamba River known as the Sacred Valley.

The main attractions are the markets and the impressive Inca citadels of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, but they are also full of other Inca sites.

The myriad of walking routes are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Adrenaline-pumping activities range from rafting to rock climbing.

If you want to visit the Sacred Valley, you must first purchase the Cusco Tourist Ticket, which gives you access to various attractions in the city and the Sacred Valley.

History of the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley was inhabited by small Andean communities until the Inca conquest (mainly during the reign of Emperor Pachacutec from 1438 to 1471), after which began a period of significant construction of terraces, temples and cities such as: Ollantaytambo, Moray and even Machu Picchu.

With the arrival of the Spanish, the Inca rebel Manco Inca fled through the Sacred Valley, burned Chinchero and settled in Ollantaytambo, where he fought fiercely against the invaders. Faced with his imminent death, he settled in the inaccessible jungle and established his kingdom in Vilcabamba.

During the conquest, the fertile lands of the valley were divided by the Spanish. Important temples were destroyed and Christian churches were built in their place.

Despite this, the Sacred Valley of the Incas is today a popular tourist destination. The inhabitants maintain many ancestral traditions, which date back to the time of the Incas.

Sacred Valley tour location

The Sacred Valley is about 15 km north of Cuzco like the flight of a condor through a narrow and winding road.

From there you can go to the other towns in the valley. It is also possible to reach the citadel of Machu Picchu by train.

The main fortresses of the Sacred Valley to visit:


Pisac is located 33 kilometers from the city of Cusco (and is known as the gateway to the Sacred Valley). It is world famous for its craft market and its impressive archaeological remains in the upper part of the city. This city is valuable for its location and fertile soil. Admirable are the Inca and colonial buildings. Pisac is also known as an ideal place for spiritual retreats.

The religious, urban, social and economic domains are distinguished. In general, the Incas built on high and safe parts, little vulnerable, and on land not suitable for agriculture.

Pisaq was originally colonial, it was just a typical market where various products were bought and sold. For the locals, the sale of handicrafts has been complemented by the visit of the tourists who are here today.


Urubamba is one of the most important cities in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It was born during the colony and is considered the world capital of corn.

This is possible because it is irrigated by many rivers that originate at the top of the glacial mountains. The entire region was prized by the Incas for the fertility of its land. It is one of the best places to relax. You will see there many foreigners who have decided to leave their country and stay there.


Ollantaytambo is located 97 kilometers northeast of the city of Cusco. In Inca times it was a fortified city with temples, defensive walls, urban and agricultural sectors.

We know that it served as administrative control. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru and South America.


Chinchero is located 28 kilometers from the city of Cusco. It is one of the highest points in the valley: 3,772 meters above sea level (12,375 feet).

Here was the palace of Emperor Túpac Yupanqui, which was destroyed by the Spanish. In its place they built the colonial church of Nuestra Señora de Monserrat. Built in the 17th century, this church contains paintings from the “Escuela cusqueña”. The city is also famous for its handicraft market, which is still traded today.

Salt mines in Maras

Maras is known for its proximity to hundreds of salt mines that form a spectacular landscape. In the Maras you can see more than 5,000 salt flats built in Inca times.

The Salineras de Maras are one of the 4 places in the world where pink salt can be extracted. The locals sell this salt in the main markets of Cusco.

The traditional city of Maras. It is located 74 km from the city of Cusco. It is an old colonial city, known for the aristocratic shields of the noble Indians of the colony, which still adorn the lintels of some doors. During the colony it was an important political and administrative enclave due to its proximity to the salt flats of Maras.

Moray Archaeological Site

Located 74 kilometers from the city of Cusco, Moray is home to the famous circular Inca platforms. This series of concentric circular platforms gives the impression of an artificial crater.

Moray was the site of one of the most important “agricultural research centers” of the Inca Empire. He dedicated himself to experimenting and planting plants in different places. The different climates and high altitude soils developed in an effort to allow the cultivation of coastal and jungle products in cold climates.

Faqs Sacred Valley Full Day Tour

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Sacred Valley VIP One Day Tour. For any questions you can write to

Does the tour include a visit to Maras and Moray?

Yes, the tour includes a visit to a textile center in Chinchero, the Inca site of Chinchero, the Inca site of Ollantaytambo, the Inca site of Pisac, as well as the Salineras de Maras and the circular platforms of Moray.

Which is better: Classic Sacred Valley Tour or Sacred Valley VIP Tour?

Both visits are recommended. The classic tour includes a visit to Pisac, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo. The VIP tour includes a visit to Pisac, Chinchero, Ollantaytambo, as well as Maras and Moray. This tour is faster because more attractions are offered.

In what language will the visit take place?

The guide will be produced in Spanish and English. For tours in several languages it is necessary to book a private service at

Does the tour include access to all sites?

Yes, the tour includes the entrance to all the described attractions.

How is the buffet lunch in Urubamba?

The buffet lunch takes place at the famous Tunupa restaurant, one of the best in Cusco. It includes a variety of salads, soups, pastas, meats, desserts and the best of Peruvian cuisine such as ceviches and stuffed dishes.

Does the tour pick me up at my hotel in Cusco?

Yes, the train includes the pick up of the tourist at the door of his hotel in the historic center of the city of Cusco (where most of the tourist hotels in the city are located). If you are outside of this area, you will need to arrange to be picked up from a town square or central point.

What is the best time for the tour?

This tour can be done any day of the year. However, the days of the dry season are the best option: from April to October.

Can I change the date of the tour?

Yes, you can change the date of your visit if you do it at least 3 days in advance. These are the sanctions:

From 3 to 5 days before the start of the tour: 35% penalty on the amount of the payment.

5 days or more: no penalty.

Can I cancel the visit?

Yes, you can also cancel the tour 3 days in advance. This is the only sanction:

Fine of 35% of the value of the ticket (65% refunded).

How to visit?

Yes, you can pay for the tour with Visa, MasterCard and other cards.

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